Fire Weather Index (FWI)

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Fire Weather Index (FWI)

The FWI values shown on the map are numerical ratings of fire intensity and general fire danger across the landscape that combine the ISI and BUI. This index is often used to indicate the difficulty of fire control based on the head fire intensity and fire fighting capability.

For the interpretation of the map, please refer to the table below :-

Class-Difficulty of Control Interpretation
Low Low fire intensity. Fire will spread slowly or be self-extinguishing. Grassland fires can be successfully controlled using hand tools.
Medium Moderate fire intensity in grass. Hand tools will be effective along the fire?s flanks, but water under pressure (pumps, hose) maybe required to suppress the head fire in grasslands.
High High fire intensity in grass. Direct attack at the fire?s head will require water under pressure, and mechanized equipment may be required to build control lines. (e.g: bulldozer)
Extreme Very high fire intensity in grass. Fire control will require construction of control lines by mechanized equipment and water under pressure. Indirect attack by back-burning between control lines and the fire may be required.

Low = 0 – 1 Moderate = 2 – 6 High = 7 – 13 Extreme >13



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