Daily Haze Hotspot Map

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Updated 5:36 PM 17 May 2020
Latest Weather and Haze Situation

Cloudy conditions prevailed over the Mekong sub-region today, with isolated thundery showers over Cambodia and southern Viet Nam. Hotspots were detected in the sub-region, mostly in northern Thailand and central Lao PDR. In the southern ASEAN region, isolated thunderstorms occurred over parts of the region.

Weather and Haze Outlook

Over the next few days, the prevailing winds over the Mekong sub-region are forecast to blow from the west or northwest. Unstable atmospheric conditions due to the presence of Tropical Cyclone Amphan in the Bay of Bengal could bring some thundery showers over Myanmar and the western part of Thailand. Elsewhere in the Mekong sub-region, isolated showers are expected over some areas. In the southern ASEAN region, scattered showers are expected over most parts of the region, and the prevailing winds forecast to blow from the southwest or west.


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