Daily Haze Hotspot Map

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Updated 5:12 PM 18 Nov 2019
Latest Weather and Haze Situation

Tropical Storm KALMAEGI brought heavy showers to northern Luzon, Philippines today. In the Mekong sub-region, dry conditions prevailed in general and isolated hotspots were detected. In the southern ASEAN region, there were widespread showers. Nonetheless, isolated hotspots with localised smoke plumes continued to be detected in Central and East Kalimantan.

Weather and Haze Outlook

In the next few days, the track of Tropical Storm KALMAEGI is expected to slow, and it may continue to bring heavy showers over parts of Luzon. A strengthening of the high pressure system over China is forecast to bring stronger northeasterly winds over the ASEAN region. This could bring wetter weather to many parts of the equatorial region. The prevailing winds are forecast to blow from the northeast or east north of the equator, while winds to the south of the equator are expected to be generally light and variable in direction.

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